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NOTL Winery Announes Deal to Open Wine Stores in China by 22/01/2013  

A Niagara On The Lake winery is set to open up shop in China.

Pillitteri Winery has announced they have signed an agreement with Canbest International Trading in a plan to expand wine stores in a deal reportedly worth millions

The deal comes on the heels of a Premier Dalton McGuinty led trade mission to China last week.

Pillitteri Estate's Business Development Manager Richard Slingerland tells 610CKTB news the news could not have been possible without the help of the government of Ontario.

The winery has been selling their ice wine in the country for 15 years, but the new deal is to develop 'Canadian Lifestyle' specialty stores to feature a variety of Canadian goods.

Pillitteri is the largest estate provider of icewine in the world.