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Nanning: a rising star in wine market by Yang Fengyi01/03/2013  

Although the wine import capacity of Nanning is no where near that of other provincial capitals in China, the dedication for professionalism of the merchants here trumps them all. They are more active and energetic in terms of promoting the vigorous culture and taste that wine has to offer and the knowledge that the love for wine entails.

An expert in wine education was flabbergasted by the fact that there are so much enthusiasm in acquiring professional knowledge about wine in such a small market, where in his opinion has a very promising future of growing solidly and healthfully as the guidance and cultivation brought forward by merchants is bound to lead it into a fast track.

Bordeaux Wine School certified lecturer Julien Boulard, who is currently living in Nanning where he bases his consulting and educational business, said that the nice atmosphere of interaction of the wine merchants here created by their regular gatherings organized by associations or other neutral organizations allows improvement for their overall professionalism. He said it’s very easy to gather them for an event given their multiple communicating channels -- there are professional associations, IM groups , and so on.

According to Boulard, a French, the 2012 Bordeaux Wine School Seminar was in several cities in China, the applicants of first-tier cities like Shanghai, Beijing had only around 100 people, but that number in Nanning is more than 140. In his opinion, the market’s maturing would benefit from merchants’ professionalism. Although the consumption here is behind coastal cities, its geographical proximity to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, it has a lot of potentials.

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