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Organic Wine Boom in China

by 23/05/2013  

The CWSA (China Wine & Spirits Awards) today announced the launch of the first organic wine and spirits competition in China - CWSA ORGANIC.


This exciting move reflects the increased demand for organic, bio and eco products in China - which is the fastest growing wine market in the world. The market for organic products in China has quadrupled in past 5 years and is valued at USD 1.5 billion according to Biofach. Organic food stores and restaurants are increasingly considered fashionable with demand exceeding supply.


'The CWSA has always received organic entries, but this year it has become apparent that a staggering number of professional buyers and consumers are demanding more bio wines and spirits than ever, and that they deserve their own competition' announced CWSA President Kelly England.


Recent food scares in China and Europe have drawn further attention to choosing 'quality' food and beverage. 'Chinese consumers give great credit to truly natural and genuinely artisan products' revealed Nikolas Prehn, native German CWSA Consultant, based in Hong Kong. They are particularly suspicious of GMO (Genetically Modified) crops and consider them unappealing and unsafe.


'When sophisticated Chinese consumers chose wine, they are also buying a dream of beautiful, clean natural fields, farmed with traditional methods - and that means organic and GMO FREE' said England.


Organic wines and spirits will be blind tasted by the 100 CWSA Judges who are the top China based importers, distributors, hoteliers and Sommeliers. The CWSA is the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in China and the bi annual results are the key spring board to new and established brands entering the market.


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