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2014 Third China Wuhan International Wine and Spirits Fair by 23/07/2013  

Date:April 18-20,2014

Venue:Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center

Supporter:Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Sponsor:Wuhan Liquor Commercialize Association

Organizer:Wuhan Zhongxinghengyuan Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.



"2014 Third China Wuhan International Wine and Spirits Fair" is scheduled for April 18-20 held in Wuhan International conference and exhibition center. This exhibition exhibition area of 20000 square meters, with 400 international standard booths, activities designed for domestic and foreign wine producers, distributors, retailers, experts and scholars, lovers, consumers and stakeholders to provide face-to-face sales negotiations, trade cooperation, exchange of experience in the most direct and effective platform. And through this platform, to spread wine culture, wine, wine brand promotion organization of various training and provide more wine display trade opportunities, to expand sales channels. Eventually help the company achieve its goals at the same time expanding Wuhan wine consumption and the size of the market, enhance the public to wine tasting quality and cultural accomplishment, further stimulating domestic demand, promoting consumption, promote the comprehensive development of exchanges and cooperation with Wuhan Economic and social undertakings in the world wine culture.


Location advantage - Wuhan

In recent years, wine liquor consumption growth in China has become the fastest varieties, which imported wine consumption to maintain an annual 30% - 50% growth. Wuhan thoroughfare of nine provinces in Central China, is the political and economic center and goods distribution center, Wuhan wine per capita consumption greatly exceed China's per capita consumption of wine, is the largest wine consumption in the central area of the city. At present, in addition to the high-profile three French chateau, the United States, Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Chile and other old and new world wine has been sold to wuhan. According to the survey data show, the Hubei market imported wine with a thousand, Wuhan operating import wine light dealers will have 400 people, except for a well-capitalized developers, furniture business to open a private wine cellar or wine store, there are a large number of foreign trade enterprises, private enterprises or individuals, but also smell the wine "aromatic", have a move.


Previous review


2013 the second China Wuhan International Wine and Spirits Exhibition, April 22nd in Wuhan International Conference and Exhibition Center wonderful closing. Exposition a grand occasion, gathering more than 200 well-known exhibitors, the exhibition area of 10000 square meters, nearly 50% more than the first; and exhibit a variety of wines thousands of imported wine, which accounted for 90%; the special equipment booth beautification heterosexual, specifications of the grade of comprehensive promotion; each big media reports, over 30000 people visit tasting; effect the three days of exhibition, a total turnover of nearly 100 million yuan.

During the exhibition quality customers at home and abroad visit reviews, business atmosphere is strong, the organizers also invited domestic and international wine industry renowned experts to visit the site and exhibitors a organized by a variety of wine knowledge sharing, wine tasting, display, promotion and other rich and colorful series of activities; good display effect and strong business atmosphere has been the exhibitors, visitors alike, 95% business passengers reflect met or exceeded their expectations, 2014 the rate is expected to reach more than 80%!


Organization and invitation

1、Organization and invitation of professional buyers

The wine importers / distributors / wholesalers Food importers / distributors / wholesalers

Retail: the supermarket / store / grocery store Hotel / restaurant / Resort
Coffee shop / bar / club / duty-free shop Food processing and packaging industry
Catering industry consultant / professional kitchen designer The institutions of government and Trade Association


The organizers arranged a person responsible for the buyers invitation and organization of work, from south to north, from east to west, Chinese liquor circulation of tens of thousands of importers, distributors, wholesalers, liquor stores, catering industry, government agencies, hotels / hotel / tourism, department stores, sales field, chain supermarkets, airlines, communications group, banks, enterprises and institutions, the airport duty-free shops, bars, clubs will gather in wuhan. And through the Consulate in China, industry associations to organize foreign wine producers to Wuhan to negotiate.


2、The overall marketing promotion plan

1) constructing a stereo media networks: media promotion and cooperation with more than 100 professional media, constructing three-dimensional publicity channels set liquor industry magazines, newspapers, Internet media as one of the;
2) direct mail advertising special invitation:
The organizing committee printed 200000 invitations, tickets, direct mail to all parts of the country liquor industry association, embassies, liquor dealers, service providers.
3) short message platform precision marketing:
Through the mobile phone short message platform to the organizing committee, ten years accumulated a customer database in national channel buyers, flow of service providers, wine lovers to inform the exhibition progress and invitation to visit.
4) of an excellent team:
Integrating the best Zhongxinghengyuan Exhibition company's human resources, to establish the most competitive project operation team.
5) the national investment network construction:
The act with united strength and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, industry associations, chambers of Commerce and the professional exhibition units, common to build the first central wine industry.
6) the network marketing to create never-ending feast of wine:
The use of network marketing means, for exhibitors to build sustainable network promotion and sales, wine fair, exhibitors value is never ending.
7) to create a professional experience marketing and interactive marketing platform.
Planning a large number of interactive activities in the exhibition site, exhibition of three days to hold a number of varieties of wine tasting, allowing visitors to enjoy the wines from around the world.

Overview of activities

1) Wuhan International Wine tasting; 2) wine investment and collector's guide;
3) the wine culture and knowledge sharing; 4) wine procurement fair;
5) wine lovers wine selection activity; 6) wine auction or sale.

Exhibits range

Wine: wine, champagne, sparkling wine, Shirley, natural sweet wine, absinthe, Pernod liqueur;
Spirits: whiskey, brandy, vodka, gin, rum, tequila;
Other: wine, fruit wine, beer, wine, alcohol drinks;
Bottle opener, wine, wine utensils: decanter, spit out the barrel, wine barrel, wine preservation etc;
Wine packaging technology: bottle, wine bottle, cork etc.;
Wine storage facilities, such as: wine cellar;
Wine brewing equipment: stem removing machine, pressing machine;
Wine publications, advertising design and cultural exchange.


Requirements of exhibitors

Exhibitors must provide the following documents to the organizing committee:
1, import license (Imported wine ); 2, the flow of liquor for registration; 3, liquor circulation accompanying single.


Office of the Organizing CommitteeAddress: Xinhua road, Wuhan, South Tower 15F, No. 385 (postcode: 430,015)
Tel: 86-27-65603200
Fax: 86-27-65603179
Web site:
Contact person: Janny Nie