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Wuhai grapes and wine gain favor at the China International Agricultural Products Fair by 21/01/2021  

More than 30 kinds of Wuhai products were on display in the 18th China International Agricultural Products Fair and the 2nd Western China (Chongqing) International Agricultural Products Fair held recently, according to Wuhai City Publicity Department. Among them, desert wine has impressed many merchants. How can a "new industrial city inlaid on the bend of the Yellow River" accomplish in grapes and wine?


Wuhai is located between 30 and 40 degrees north latitude, the golden zone of grape planting in the world. Located at the junction of three major deserts, Wuhai is rich in light and heat resources with long sunshine time and large temperature differences between day and night. The region is dry and has a long frost-free period, all adding to the ecological advantages of developing high-quality grape and wine products. Wuhai is listed as the dominant cultivation area for Eurasian grapes in the middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River by China's agriculture ministry.

Wuhai enjoys the reputation of the land of grapes, which is related to its advantaged geographical position. But more importantly, it's because of the scientific methods covering from breeding and planting to maturity. For example, Wuhai has cultivated local grape seedlings to adapt to the local climate, and developed facilities to stagger the grape's maturity time for greater market presence. New varieties of table grapes and wine grapes have been introduced to lay a foundation for the market's future development. A special pattern of pruning is taken to promote the mechanization of grape planting development. The application of science and technology makes Wuhai grape more competitive and tastier. In 2008, Wuhai grape was recognized as one of the first batch of geographical indications of agricultural products in China. In 2015, the trademark of "Wuhai Grape" geographical indication was registered.

Good grapes make good wine. Wines produced in Wuhai are well known at home and abroad. In 2014, Hansen grapes and wines got the European Union organic certification, and Wuhai wine products have won gold and silver awards in Asian Wine Quality Competition. Wuhai wines, with international first-class high-end wine quality, have become a player in the international high-end wine market, attracting orders from Ireland, Canada, France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries.


Wuhai has a grape planting area of 30,000 mu and four wine processing enterprises, with an annual output of 11,000 tons of wine and an annual sales revenue of about 200 million yuan. Wine from Wuhai region sells well all over the country and is exported to more than a dozen countries and regions such as the United States, Germany and Denmark, with emerging famous wine brands such as Hansen and Jiolis.

The development and growth of the grape industry has also driven the development of vineyards, wineries, grape streets, wine museums and other related tourism and cultural industries. Wuhai is home to more than 30 grape-based agricultural leisure and sightseeing gardens, receiving more than 200,000 tourists annually. It has two national-level and provincial-level leisure agriculture and animal husbandry and tourism demonstration sites in rural and pastoral areas.

With the development of the Belt and Road Initiative, Wuhai has held the World Desert Wine Art Festival for two consecutive years, gaining global spotlight by presenting Wuhai's high-quality grapes and wines.