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Ao Yun takes Chinese winery to new heights with its latest 2017 vintage by 23/11/2021  


Born in the foothills of Himalayas and refined under the toughest climate yet, Ao Yun 2017 is arguably its best vintage to date.

Ao Yun, meaning “flying above the clouds”, hails from the legendary Himalayan utopia Shangri-la, and tells the story of rich cultural heritage and modern ingenuity. The brainchild of Estates & Wines and the wine division of Mo?t Hennessy, Ao Yun seeks to explore new and ideal winemaking terroirs in China.

Ao Yun produces exceptional red wines that aim to rewrite the rules of modern winemaking while still meeting — if not far exceeding — the highest international standards. This beautifully refined wine has persevered through climate variations from one year to the next, reaching new heights of excellence each year through excellent vineyard management, of which the winemaker is extremely proud of.


“This [2017] vintage is enhanced through a challenging climate, which was compensated thanks to great vineyard and winemaking adaptations,” explains Maxence Dulou, Ao Yun Estate Director and Winemaker. “We managed to harvest powerful but ripe grapes and transform them into a concentrated but fresh and velvety wine.”

The brainchild of Maxence Dulou himself, Ao Yun’s latest vintage truly showcases his abilities to customise the process of wine-making that can complement any climate condition while still refining a world-class taste.

The 2017 vintage encapsulates the uniqueness of the Chinese cabernet. For the first time, Ao Yun added a drop of Merlot into the mix, giving it a rounder and more concentrated excitement to the palate. This touch is then followed by Ao Yun’s signature long, salty mineral finish. The colour of this vintage is also deep; slightly darker than all its predecessors.


Although it is more concentrated, the latest vintage is fresh and velvety at the same time as a result of the enhancements made to the optimisation process, which had been customised for the challenging climate.

“Nobody teaches us the rules. With every vintage, we progress in our wine craftsmanship journey and mastery of the terroir,” adds Maxence Dulou. “If you are looking for something unique to taste or gift, Ao Yun is perfect. The story of Ao Yun is a true adventure, in which anyone can and should be part of.”

Ao Yun’s 2017 vintage truly showcases the winemaker’s abilities to customise the process of wine-making that can complement any climate condition while still refining a world-class taste. And to truly enjoy the eccentricities of the wine, Ao Yun comes with a unique cloud-like wine glass that elevates the whole experience of tasting this vintage wine.