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Australian wine exports to China fall 29% in 2020 by 04/02/2021  

According to the latest export report released by the Australian Wine Authority today (February 3), the export of Australian wine has slowed in the 12 months ending in December 2020. Affected by China's tariff policy, the export value of Australian wine fell by 1% to A$2.89 billion.

At the same time, the export volume of Australian wine increased by 0.5% to 747 million liters (equivalent to 83 million boxes of 9 liters), and the average export value fell by 1% to AUD 3.87 per liter (FOB).

Andreas Clark, CEO of the Australian Wine Authority, said that despite the impact of the new crown epidemic, the value of Australian wine exports before the sharp decline in the last two months of 2020, that is, the 12 months to October 2020 This was the highest value of 3.1 billion Australian dollars year-on-year. The previous year-on-year highest value was A$3 billion reached in 2007.

Mr. Clark said that exports from August to October increased significantly, which was mainly manifested in mainland China and the UK, while the decline in November and December was mainly manifested in exports to China.

Trends in Australian wine exports

(Australian dollar billion FOB)


Mr. Clark said that, unsurprisingly, the export of Australian wine to mainland China fell immediately after the provisional tariff policy** was issued in November. The sharp decline in export volume and export value in the last two months of the year (see Table 2) also caused the total export volume in 2020 to fall by 14% to 1.01 billion Australian dollars, and the export volume fell by 29% to 96 million liters (equivalent to 1070 Ten thousand boxes of 9 liters).

It can be predicted that the performance of Australian wine exports to China will continue to be sluggish in the coming months, which will affect the overall export data in 2021.

Monthly Australian wine exports to mainland China (AUD million FOB)


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