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New Wine Theme Park to Open in Shanghai by 11/02/2021  


The new park is a collaboration between Changyu, China Jinmao’s Shanghai International Shipping Service Centre Development Co and Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Trade Development Co.

At present, the final design is expected to be completed in March with the grand opening set to be in August. The new Changyu Shanghai outpost is located in the underground corridor between Gongping Road Wharf and Qinhuangdao Wharf and will span an area of around 7,000sq m.

The park will be split into two key areas. The first area will provide guests with immersive experiences including a display made up of seasoned oak barrels that have been provided by Changyu’s 13 wineries across the world. The experience will include guests learning of the different wine varieties and winemaking process.

The second area will provide knowledge and information on food and wine pairing. A designated dining area will serve and showcase a variety of lights meals and paired wines for guests.