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Peterborough letter: China is too big a market to ignore by 24/02/2021  

My friends at The Conservative Party Of Canada should look to the success of China bashing has had on the wine industry in Australia.

The Australian government has embarked on a program of attacking China and its wine industry has lost its major market and is completely decimated. The same result could be felt by Canada's agricultural sector, which is currently enjoying a huge increase in canola shipments to China.

The west is already in crisis, due to the decline in oil prices and the Conservatives policies towards China will undoubtably have the same effect on our agricultural sales to China.

Donald Trump's “war” with China resulted in subsidies to the agricultural sector far exceeded the cost to bail out the automotive industry in its near bankruptcy. Love it or hate it, is China is a huge market and also a huge source of rare minerals, which are vital to a green economy.

As far as concern about human rights, we should look at ourselves in the mirror with our record towards our Indigenous and minority populations and work towards improving their situation first.