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Lambrusco Finally Taking The Scene In China? by 15/03/2021  

While the world is waiting for the Prosecco Rose boom, is Lambrusco in reality that is taking the scene, at least in China. 

The pandemic has completely changed the Chinese wine market and now one third of the sales of wine happens through the e-commerce, and the fifty per cent of this e-commerce market is made by young females (25-35 year old) who like wines with the characteristics of Lambrusco. We are talking about easy to drink wines, acceptable alcohol levels, easy to combine with food, especially Chinese cuisine. 

These are the characteristics of Lambrusco that young Chinese bloggers praise on Weibo and WeChat. On Taobao and JingDong, the most popular e-commerce platforms in China, there is still a good number of sweet Lambrusco (including Cantina di Sorbara, Casa Bella, Cavicchioli Contessa Matilde, Zonin Ognigiorno, Aiola), but there is a good representation of the various types (Cantina Du Torri Reggiano, Grasparossa di Casterlvetro, Chiarli Salamino di Santa Croce) and also products of a medium-high cost like Medici Ermete Quercioli Secco and Ceci Otello Lambrusco di Nero. 

It must be said that the popularity of Lambrusco was already improving before the pandemic, when the era of the “gifts” in the wine market ended, and consumers moved their eyes from the high end serious and expensive wines, to those pleasant, easy to understand and affordable ones.

Sommelier are taking note of the evolution of the Chinese perception of Lambrusco. “It is a sparkling red and in China the market of the sparkling is mainly made by white wines”, says Vincent Zhang, is a talented sommelier a WSET Level 4 certificate and Director of DVB Wine and Spirits Education and Training (Xian). “However – he concludes – I think that there is a potential interesting market for the Lambrusco in China’.

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