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City of Yinchuan becoming one of country's major production hubs by Ning Hong09/09/2022  

The city of Yinchuan in West China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is growing to become one of the country's major wine production hubs. It held a wine expo on Tuesday, hosting tourists, investors and government officials from China and other countries. Ning Hong has more. 

Located in a "golden zone" for vineyards, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has all the natural conditions needed for cultivation of grapes and production of wine.

NING HONG Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region "This is one of China's most famous vine production base, on the slopes of Helan Mountain, there are over a dozen vineyards here."

An international wine expo was held on Tuesday in Yinchuan, capital of Ningxia, attracting tourists, investors, government officials and also representatives from the French embassy in China.

LV FENGYAN China International Wine Culture and Tourism Expo "I think most of them are not here just to taste the wine. There are also opportunities for their countries."

Vineyards here use some of the best equipment and methods in the wine industry. The yield is also rising. The expo has attracted some of the best manufactures in the world.

HUANG JIANGE Sales Manager, Fargo Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd "Ningxia has the largest contiguous vineyard planting area in China, and many of them have adopted standardized planting. This is a grape harvester imported from France. Machines like this can increase production levels in Ningxia vineyards."

Vineyards are also paying attention to establishing brands. High-end brands, for example, have established an online tracking system that allows consumers to trace every single bottle of wine to the vineyard it comes from.