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Interwine 2023 Exhibition Schedule Announced by INTERWINE14/01/2023  


In 2023, Interwine exhibitions and events will continue to develop in a high-end manner, not only with more diversified locations, including major cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macao, Beijing and Shanghai, but also with new themes and concepts.

We look forward to working with you to open up the broad wine market in China!


The 30th Interwine China

June 2-4, 2023

Hall 9.2-13.2, Area B,

Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou

Exhibition Area: 50,000㎡

Since its launch in 2005, Interwine China has gradually grown into Asia's leading wine & spirits exhibition after 17 years of intensive cultivation and 28 successful editions. 


As a central city for import and export trade and alcohol consumption, Guangzhou still enjoys outstanding competitive advantages. Interwine has fully mobilized the superior resources of 30,000 wine importers, 150,000 distributors, and 110,000 professional buyers in China. In 2023, we are still committed to building the most efficient wine exhibition, to provide a high-quality display platform for wineries around the world.


The 31st Interwine China

November 16-18, 2023

Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou

Exhibition Area: 50,000㎡

The Interwine main exhibitions in 2023 autumn will return to Guangzhou, and it will also be a two exhibitions combination: the 31st Interwine China and the Glofex autumn will be organized in the same venue at the same time, to build a top exhibition and trading platform for the golden season of procurement in the end of the year. 


November 16-18, 2023

Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou

Exhibition Area: 50,000㎡

In recent years, the improvement of China's national income and living standards has created a vast market space for imported food. In China, where “food is heaven in the name”, the food industry not only meets the basic needs of the people's livelihood, but also is the most direct trigger for consumption upgrades in the process of life quality improvement.


In order to promote trade and cooperation between domestic and foreign catering and food-related enterprises, Ketong Exhibition is going to organize the GLOFEX global food expo. It will bring together top level catering and food-related companies from all over the world to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, providing a platform for overseas companies to exhibit in the Chinese market.

Medium Size Fair


2023 Interwine Shenzhen

March 14-16, 2023

Exhibition Area: 20,000㎡

As one of the central cities of wine trade in China, Shenzhen has unique advantages: core city of the Greater Bay Area, with a complete range of water, land, air, and railway ports. It is a city with the largest number of ports and the largest traffic flow in China. The container throughput of Shenzhen Port has ranked third in the world for many years. And it is close to Hong Kong, one of the international wine trading centers.


Interwine Shenzhen relies on Shenzhen's excellent geographical conditions, policy advantages and active business environment to deliver its influence to China and even Asian market. It is an excellent choice for overseas wineries and importers to establish brand images and open up the Chinese market.


The 5th Interwine Beijing

May 12-13, 2023

Wanda Vista Beijing

Exhibition Area: 4,000㎡

As the political and cultural center of China, Beijing is the forefront of the Chinese wine consumption market. It also reflects the changes and trends of the wine industry to some extent. In order to better help global wineries and importers to develop in North China, Interwine Beijing was created.


Interwine Beijing is positioned as a high-end exhibition. Exhibitors are groups of premium wineries, wine merchants and their wine products. Visitors are mainly wine importers, agents, distributors, starred hotels, and supermarkets from north of the Yangtze River. Interwine strives to build the leading professional wine & spirits exhibition in the north!


Interwine Macao

May 28-30, 2023

The Parisian Hotel, Macao

Exhibition Area: 4,000㎡

As a special administrative region and a duty-free port, Macao has always enjoyed unique geographical and policy advantages. The establishment of the Hengqin Free Trade Zone and the  Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone creates a more open business environment, promotes economic and trade cooperation between Hong Kong, Macao and the Pan-Pearl River Delta region, and supports the development of Macao's trade and service industries.


Interwine Macao will make full use of the advantages of Macao connecting the mainland, Hong Kong and the global market, especially the convenient of international business travel and cargo clearance under the background of the pandemic. Combining our  resources accumulated for years, Interwine Macao will be an influencial exhibition.


2023 Interwine Grand Challenge

May 28-30, 2023

The Parisian Hotel, Macao

Interwine Grand Challenge (IGC) is one of the most authoritative wine competitions in China, which has a profound impact on the Chinese wine consumer market. IGC aims to crown winemakers for their diligence, to help domestic and foreign winemakers establish their brand awareness and reputation, to build a bridge between winemakers and consumers.


The 26th IGC will move to Macau and be organized in conjunction with the 2023 Interwine Macao. It will take advantage from Macau's ability of connecting the mainland and Asia, to build a top wine + food event.

Interwine Shanghai Winery Show

July 12-13, 2023

Five Star Hotel

Exhibition Area: 5,000㎡

Interwine Shenzhen Winery Show

October 18-20, 2023

Five Star Hotel

Exhibition Area: 5,000㎡

Interwine Winery Show is an efficient exhibition and trade platform for global premium wineries. Through careful site selection and accurate importers targeting invitation, Interwine Winery Show provides overseas wineries with excellent opportunities to showcase their brands and products, and opens a express channel to the vast Chinese market.


2023 Interwine Winery Shows will be hosted in Shanghai and Shenzhen, both of which are important wine import ports, central financial cities and gateways of global business in China, as well as having mature import wine industry chains and local consumer markets, making them excellent choices for overseas wineries.



Interwine Roadshow

February - December, 2023

65 Cities in the whole year

Since Interwine launched the first wine city roadshow program in 2010, it has successfully organized more than 500 city roadshows. Interwine Roadshow helps overseas wineries and wine importers to further expand in the Chinese market, helps fine wines establish direct contact with local market. In 2023, Interwine will organize 65 city roadshows in major cities across the country. We invite you to participate in this wonderful wine tour across China.

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