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Rioja strategic Expansion in the Chinese Market by 14/12/2023  


The Rioja wine region is renowned for its tradition and quality in the wine industry, marking an important turning point in its internationalization strategy, especially in the Chinese market. In 2023, a series of strategic activities and releases occurred aimed at consolidating the presence and recognition of Rioja wine in this Asian country. This market is becoming increasingly important and has enormous consumption potential.

The Rioja Qualified Place of Origin Names Management Committee has played a crucial role in coordinating and implementing these activities. The most prominent among them were the large-scale touring salons held in Xi'an, Wenzhou, and Guangzhou on December 4th, 6th, and 8th. These cities have been selected as key locations for promoting Rioja wine due to their associated population and economic vitality.

The success of these activities is reflected in the number of over 1400 attendees, indicating an increasing interest among industry professionals in China. Importers, distributors, wholesalers, and professionals of the Horeca channel have the opportunity to discover and gain a deeper understanding of the variety and quality offered by over 77 wineries of this brand in the salon.

At the same time as these halls, the regulatory committee held three seminars in each of the aforementioned cities. These seminars were organized by Chinese certified Rioja educators and attracted over 240 attendees, focusing on the diversity and quality of Rioja wine, as well as the rich tradition and contrast of the name.

Another highlight is the dinner in Rioja, which was an event that gathered over 70 guests, including opinion leaders and well-known figures in the Chinese industry. The party not only helps to recognize the best dealers in the country, but also serves as a platform to announce the next promotional activities for 2024.

In this situation, launching the La Rioja Wine Academy in Chinese is a significant progress. This online education platform was established in 2020 and is a key resource for promoting understanding and appreciation of the Rioja wine culture. With training and multimedia content now available in Chinese, it is expected to reach and educate a wider audience. So far, the platform has registered nearly 20000 students from around the world, highlighting its scope and effectiveness.

La conclusión de estas actividades en 2023 es un reflejo del esfuerzo y la adaptabilidad de la DOCa Rioja frente a los retos planteados por la situación global y, en particular, por la crisis del coronavirus. La reapertura del mercado chino ha sido una oportunidad que la Denominación ha sabido aprovechar, marcando así un camino prometedor hacia el futuro en una de las economías más grandes y de más rápido crecimiento del mundo.