News Special Coverage Industry Overview Supply & Demand Price Reference Forum Resumes Australian Operations by Nathan Jolly17/04/2023  


Chinese e-commerce giant has resumed its Australian operations, after a high-profile 2019 exit.

JD launched in early 2018 in Australia, opening a Melbourne headquarters to run its Australian and New Zealand business, which quickly started exporting Australian products to a massive Chinese userbase.

Just 15 months later, the company closed the office, and rolled A/NZ operations into its Beijing office.

Now is based on Australian soil, with general manager of fresh procurement and sales Nuo Xiao announcing deals with Australian and New Zealand producers have been struck across a number of product ranges – everything from A2 milk, to kiwifruit is making its way from local producers to Chinese customers.


“As a leader in retail and e-commerce, helps imported and overseas brands gain sustainable growth in customer base, traffic flow and sales,” Xiao explained.

“Leveraging the company’s expertise in e-commerce, nationwide logistics network, nearly 600 million customers base, and omni-channel retail, we help brands expand their supply across districts in China.”

Brands such as Penfolds, Yellow Tail, Treasury Wine Estate, Oyster Bay, Blackmores, and Swisse are in hot demand in China.


ny move that strengthens economic and cultural ties between Australia and China, including the announcement of a review of duties on -barley,” a Treasury Wine Estates spokesperson said.

This local reopening comes as the relationship between China and Australia continues to thaw. is listed on the Nasdaq with a market value of A$88.6 billion.