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Forum exploring the flavors of South Australia wine

China Daily by 08/05/2024  

A forum focused on the taste of South Australia Wine was held recently in Beijing. [China Daily]

Recently, a forum spotlighting the flavors of South Australian wine captivated audiences in Beijing, drawing together wine industry experts to delve into the dynamic landscape of Chinese wine preferences and market trends observed over the past three years.

Su Huaici, the general manager of the China market for Accolade Wines, shared insights on the evolving consumer base, noting a shift toward luxury-grade wines among mid-to-high-end restaurants. Highlighting the popularity of Burgundy and lighter-tasting wines in these establishments, Su also emphasized the fierce competition for entry-level wines in membership-based retail stores.

Yang Siqi, the overseas procurement director of JD.COM's liquor business division, highlighted the post-pandemic trend of increased consumer demand for diversity in online wine offerings. With a growing appetite for exploration, consumers are steering the market toward a more varied and inclusive selection of wines.

Wine industry experts convened to delve into the evolving landscape of Chinese wine. [China Daily]

Discussions at the forum also centered on the bright future of South Australian wine in the Chinese market. Chen Yalin, the general manager of Drinks Art Studio, noted the strong affinity of consumers in most second-tier cities in China for South Australian wines. In contrast, consumers in first-tier cities tend to favor products with higher acidity and lower alcohol content.

Chen elaborated on the harmonious pairing of rich, full-bodied South Australian wines with heavier Chinese dishes, citing examples from Shandong and Shanghai cuisines. Noting the compatibility of sweeter, softer tannin classic red wines from South Australia, such as Barossa Shiraz, with these dishes, Chen highlighted the delightful culinary experiences these combinations offer.

The forum concluded with a delightful cocktail reception and wine tasting session, where attendees had the opportunity to savor and explore a diverse array of South Australian varietals, further enriching their understanding and appreciation of the region's exceptional wines.

Attendees enjoyed a cocktail reception along with a wine tasting showcasing South Australian varietals. [China Daily]