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Chinese Relative Stipulations Statutes of Wine by Johnson Qu23/05/2005  

Relative Stipulations and Statutes of Wine 

All products and sale of wine in China must be under following stipulations: 

A. (National Standard of Wine) (GB/T15037-94) 
(National Standard of Wine) is for those fermented fresh grape and/or concentrated grape juice .The stipulation became effective from September the first of 1994. 

B. (Health Stipulation of Winery) (GB12696-90) 
(Health Stipulation of Wine) is for enterprises who brew wine using fermented fresh grape and/or concentrated grape juice. The stipulation became effective from October the first of 1991. 

C. (Universal Test Method for Wind and/or Fruit Vino) (GB/T15038-94) 
(Universal Test Method for Wine and/or Fruit Vino) is for supervising and testing quality of wine and/or fruit vino. The stipulation became effective from December the first of 1994. 

D. (Vacation Standard for Wine Brewed with Half Grape Juice) (GB/T1980-1994) 
Above said stipulation was promulgated in 1994 and abolished on March 17th, 2003 by Light Industry Department of China. All wine brewed with half grape juice must be stop production from May 17th, two months delay from the date of abolishment. And the said products are allowed to sell in the market until June 30th, 2004 . 

E. (Criterion of Wing Brew technology of China )
The criterion became effective from January the first, 2003 .